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How to Write a Good Caption for Your Next Instagram Post

After my post about Instagram engagement last week, I got a lot of questions about how to write an engaging caption. So here we go – your cheat sheet to writing “good caption.” Before we get into my tips and tricks, we have to get one rule out of the way… The Photo Rule #1: You…

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The Signature Cowl Crochet Pattern

Finding My Signature Style Two years ago, I designed the first version of the Signature Cowl because I wanted a scarf that wouldn’t mess up my hair. This design ended up being one of my favorite things to wear because the buttons make it so easy to take on and off. It also became my…

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How to Choose the Most Profitable Platform for Your Craft Business

Etsy made some changes last week, where they announced they’ll be increasing their fees. For many of us, this was a wake up call. We have to sit back and ask ourselves how well we really know our numbers. Sure we might know our gross revenue or monthly sales volume – but do you know your profit…

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